Thursday, August 22, 2013

After another bit of a hiatus, we're back with the blog.

We're in the middle of a complete revamp of AFTN's main Scottish site ( at the moment and hope that this will be done by the end of September at the very latest.

The first public phase of this was revamping the blog here. So we've got a brand new, modern design and are updating it with some of the blog articles we've written for the East Fife programme these past couple of years.

We'd always planned to put these up here once they'd appeared in the programme, but never quite found the time to do so, but by the end of tonight all of last season's and this season's stuff will have gone up, backdated to the dates they were either written or around when they appeared.

Moving forward, we'll continue to add the programme blog stuff a few days after people have had a chance to read the hard copy at the match.

But it's not just going to be old rehashes of stuff we've had elsewhere, we want to get back to making this blog a regular blog about East Fife and about football and build on the success of our MLS/North American football blog over at Not saying we'll ever go back to daily updates again but at least a lot more regular.

But to do that we need your help. We've put together a good team of writers over the pond and are looking to do the same here. So if you have anything you want to write about the Fife, Scottish football or the beautiful game in general then drop us an email at: aftn at Hotmail dot co dot uk.

So that's all for now, back to updating, and more coming soon....


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