Friday, November 25, 2011

We haven't done one of these for what seems like an age and we've had this one up our sleeves for a while now.

Sending offs ruin football matches. We know that's technically true.

As long as it's not one of our guys though then it's fine with me, ruin away!

Some red cards are obvious, some are debatable and some are a real bone of contention that leaves you wondering just what the officials saw that you, and hundreds of others around you, didn't.

Then you have the ones that just beggar belief altogether, and those are the ones we're going to put in the spotlight today.

Bizarre sending offs are fantastic to see and provide much light relief for years to come. As always, so long as it's not affecting your own team.

I'll kick off with one which did affect one of my teams back in April.

Vancouver Whitecaps striker Eric Hassli, had been booked minutes earlier, when the Caps were awarded a penalty.

The Frenchman stepped forward to take and score the kick, when this happened...

Standing behind the goal watching it unfold, I immediately said "fuck, he's off". And yup, he was!

To make matters worse, the Caps were already down to ten men, but they managed to hold on to their 1-0 lead until injury time when opponents New England Revolution fired in an equaliser.

Hassli had also just returned to the line up after being sent off in his previous match!

So even the old double jersey switcheroonie doesn't save you from one of the most ridiculous laws of the game.

Never see why simply taking your jersey off to celebrate is still a bookable offence when no-one seems to want it to be.

Want to see another bizarre sending off for taking your jersey off?

Try this one from a Ukranian Premier League match between Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk and Karpaty Lviv:

Again, technically the letter of the law, but come on, where's the commonsense?

The unfortunate player picking up his second booking was Dnipro's Ghanaian defender Samuel Inkoom.

Neymar's bizarre mask sending off is well known, so we won't feature that here. Plus it couldn't have happened to a nicer wanker.

Even when you try to do good, you can still earn the wrath of the referee and see red, as Dorchester Town player-manager Ashley Vickers found out in a Conference South match last season at Havant and Waterlooville:

Borat has a lot to answer for.

Our final clip comes from down under.

I've seen a lot of red cards waved around over the years, but I've never seen one issued for having your penis pierced. Until now!

Some of you may have seen this back in the summer, but it's always worth another chortle.

The incident took place in a lower league reserve game in Melbourne, Australia. Aaron Eccleston of Old Hill Wanderers had a Prince Albert which the cock of a referee took an objection too and sent him off:

The question everybody wants to know when they see this, is how did the ref know he had such a piercing?

Well it came to light after Eccleston had to receive treatment when he took a ball to his balls.

Yes, the ref is within the rules to get jewellery removed, but makes you wonder how many other players (of both sexes) have private piercings that no-one ever gets to know about.

Old Hill still won 3-0. I'm sure wanted to know that for closure!

Do you have some favourite strange sending offs of your own? Share them below...


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