Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Apologies once again for being so quiet in the blog. Need to get that rectified and back to normal again soon.

A lack of time between writing AFTN Canada and a weekly online column for Vancouver Metro, coupled with work, vacations and following Vancouver Whitecaps around North America have taken its toll!

Although this blog was meant to be the main AFTN blogging output, the Canadian one has proved to be more popular and has been building up a bigger and stronger readership every week, so more efforts were put in to that to the detriment of this blog.

It's also meant that last season and this, I've not been able to write for the East Fife programme, but I also hope to rectify that soon and get back to doing some features and player interviews.

Although East Fife are sitting bottom of the League, the Cup wins show that the signs are there that this could be a very exciting season for the Fife and we want to be there blogging about that and general footballing topics.

In the meantime, I've had a couple of ideas for new features, penned by different guest writers.

If you're interested in doing some writing for AFTN then drop me an email at

Cheers and we'll hopefully start everything getting back into a bit of the old swing of things this week!

We also hope to work on main AFTN website over the next few months as well, all ready for a New Year relaunch.

Also we really need to get the main AFTN Twitter account in full flow.

Stay tuned and follow us in preparation!


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