Friday, September 23, 2011

So many emotions were going through my head with East Fife’s massive win against Aberdeen at Pittodrie in the Third Round of the Scottish League Cup on Tuesday evening.

The main one was, argggggghhhh, I so wish I was there!

I hope that those who were savoured the moment fully. I’ve not been so envious at missing out on a match since the last round!

It’s not easy being an exile when the Fife are playing bad. Following the results in text form online, wondering what went wrong, were we just unlucky or simply outplayed?

It’s even worse when they’re doing great and producing Cup shocks, as they are rarer!

Tuesday's game was particularly hard as I was stuck in a new building at work which has no internet access yet and I have a PAYG phone with no data plan. Agony!

The first of me having any indication as to the famous victory was a tweet from a mate wondering why I hadn't been on Twitter crowing about the win. At that point, I couldn't wait to get home to find out exactly what had happened and was checking within seconds of getting in the door!

As a hardcore fan, the anguish (and the joy) is pretty much the same whether you saw it play out with your own eyes or not. The love and passion never dies.

I’ve watched East Fife since 1984, from when I was allowed to travel through to scary Methil on my own. My first ever live East Fife game was the Scottish Cup replay win against Hibs at Bayview. You could say it's been pretty much downhill since!

I would probably argue that Tuesday's win against Aberdeen is in fact an even bigger one than that against Hibs - especially since we were away from home and currently languishing at the bottom of the heap in the Second Division.

There’s been highs, there’s been lows and there’s been even darker than that since my love affair started. Results like the Dunfermline one last month only come along once in a while. To now have two giantkilling feats in consecutive rounds is tremendous and who knows, there may be more to come.

Yesterday's quarter final draw wasn't what we had hoped for.

A home tie was the particular hope. I was happy to avoid Celtic, Hibs and Dundee United. I would have loved St Mirren or Ayr. They were my first two choices with Falkirk and Kilmarnock battling it out for choices three and four.

With the Bairns already having put one over on us in the Challenge Cup, I would probably have put Killie in at number 3 and that's who we've got in our first League Cup quarter final in 39 years.

A whole generation, probably two, have never experienced the Fife in a major Cup quarter final. Now we have the chance and the tie is definitely winnable.

A trip to Rugby Park is never top of most fans' dream ties. They will be hard to beat, but I think we've adequately shown in the last two rounds that SPL opposition hold no fear for us.

If we play with the passion and belief that we have in the last two rounds then we can definitely win this tie and then who knows, a Hampden trip and a semi final against the Buddies or Killie's Ayrshire rivals could be our reward. Another winnable tie.

Obviously we can't get too far ahead of ourselves.

Killie won't underestimate us and neither will they be too unhappy at the draw they've got. They will be very confident, but so should we. A giantkilling trilogy is firmly in our grasp.

Robbo will have the players fired up and what's important is that we take as big a travelling support through to Kilmarnock as possible. Never easy for a long midweek trip, but who knows when we will have the opportunity to play at this stage of the competition again, especially with the ridiculous seeding the SFL have put in place.

The players, to a man, deserve all the plaudits they can get for the last two games. They have done the legendary Cup tradition of East Fife proud. They are a credit to the jersey and have already written their names into Bayview folklore.

I truly believe that they will add to their legacy even further come the end of October, but whatever happens, they’ve made us all very proud to be East Fife fans and to call them our black and gold heroes.

It looks highly unlikely that I will be able to make the trip over. If the game was a week later then I could.

I'll definitely be there for the semi though!

Mon the Fife.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Arguably the greatest East Fife win of modern times, here's the full penalty shoot-out and post match celebrations from East Fife's win against Aberdeen in the Third Round of the Scottish League Cup at Pittodrie on Tuesday evening.

The match finished 3-3 at the end of normal time. There were no further goals in extra time, before East Fife won the dramatic penalty shoot out 4-3 to clinch their first League Cup quarter final spot in 39 years...

Kilmarnock now await in the quarters at the end of next month.

Will the Fife's giantkilling run continue? Two down already.

No fear.

Mon the Fife.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Apologies once again for being so quiet in the blog. Need to get that rectified and back to normal again soon.

A lack of time between writing AFTN Canada and a weekly online column for Vancouver Metro, coupled with work, vacations and following Vancouver Whitecaps around North America have taken its toll!

Although this blog was meant to be the main AFTN blogging output, the Canadian one has proved to be more popular and has been building up a bigger and stronger readership every week, so more efforts were put in to that to the detriment of this blog.

It's also meant that last season and this, I've not been able to write for the East Fife programme, but I also hope to rectify that soon and get back to doing some features and player interviews.

Although East Fife are sitting bottom of the League, the Cup wins show that the signs are there that this could be a very exciting season for the Fife and we want to be there blogging about that and general footballing topics.

In the meantime, I've had a couple of ideas for new features, penned by different guest writers.

If you're interested in doing some writing for AFTN then drop me an email at

Cheers and we'll hopefully start everything getting back into a bit of the old swing of things this week!

We also hope to work on main AFTN website over the next few months as well, all ready for a New Year relaunch.

Also we really need to get the main AFTN Twitter account in full flow.

Stay tuned and follow us in preparation!
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