Thursday, March 3, 2011

Last night's Old Firm game was carnage!

Three Rangers sending offs, tunnel rammies and coaching staff squaring up to each other. Scotland's shame or great television?

We put a lot of the blame for the problems in the Scottish game at the door of the Old Firm but I think a lot of the reactions to last night's game are a bit over the top. I mean, really, a summit with the First Minister.

Part of the reason that people tune in to the Old Firm games is because they're waiting for the flare ups and the flashpoints. It's car crash TV!

Some of you won't care to watch at all, but those of us that do partake in the bigot brothers television show don't want to see a boring, scoreless game. We want the kind of mayhem we saw last night.

Is it football? Well it's not's the beautiful game. Does it damage Scotland's footballing reputation? I don't even know we have much of a reputation left any more. At least the kind of scenes we saw last night show that there's passion in the Scottish game.

It's even funnier of course when it's the Union Jack wearing dickheads that are getting the brunt of it all. Rangers were a disgrace last night.

I'm amazed it took this many games and these many minutes for El-Hadji Diouf to get his first red card in an Old Firm encounter. Everyone's just been waiting for him to lose it and last night was that night.

I thought referee Calum Murray had a good game and the comments of Rangers chief executive Martin Bain were bang out of order. Did the Old Firm not learn anything from the referees strike earlier in the season? Actually, do they ever learn anything?

We now have people calling for the games to be played behind closed doors. That serves no point at all. You need to keep it off the television and out of the pubs if you want to stop the public disorder that follows the games. The players last night wouldn't have behaved much differently whether there was a crowd in there watching or not.

When you have two clubs and two supports fueled on hatred then what do you expect to get when the team's play.

What all these concerned people should really be looking at is what a shocking state Scottish football is in when the Old Firm end up playing seven games in a season.

Reduce that number and you reduce all the shit that goes with it.


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