Friday, March 11, 2011

After last week's break to celebrate King Kenny's 60th, we're back with the series that was never meant to be a series!

This week - unusual pitch invasions.

Hooligans invading the pitch to taunt the opposition fans are old hat. Nothing to see here, please move on. No, what you want is some unique and unusual invasions of the pitch.

Yes, they are big. Yes, they are clever. But most of all they're very funny. Here's a few that tickled us. I was even at one of them in person...

"You'll never beat Jay Nolly" indeed.

We've featured this one on the blog before but this never gets old. Not every day you see a man in a wheelchair invade the pitch!

I love the way he's hauled off the pitch and fake smacked on the back of the head by his mate.

Finally, we'll leave you with a streaker. Again, not an original sight, but if you haven't aeen this clip already this week, then it's not so much the pitch invasion that's unusual but what happens afterwards. Crazy!

As always, enjoy and mon the Fife.


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