Tuesday, February 22, 2011

East Fife are having a bad season in the Second Division. An up and down season, but at least the more optimistic amongst us can see some kind of hope that we won't be relegated.

Stirling Albion are having a worse season in the First Division, but for their supporters, there's not really any light coming through the end of that particular tunnel. They are just happy to have a team to watch though.

Four points adrift of a soon to be revitalised Ross County, Stirling are firmly rooted to the bottom, with their only hope realistically being in catching the smellies and getting into the relegation playoff place instead of the automatic one.

When Dundee can be docked 25 points for going into administation and then quickly leapfrog you and send you to the foot of the table, you know it's not really going to be your season.

Three league wins all season, a minus 31 goal difference and the players not taking wages are also big clues!

There's not much love lost between the Binos fans and ourselves, so who gives a fuck how badly they're doing?! Our friendly inter-fanzine football team bonding is long over. They took our Toro!

Stirling's off the field problems have been well documented in the past and with the club now being owned and run by the fans, they are held up as the benchmark and way forward by many.

For those that don't know, the Stirling Albion Supporters Trust agreed a £300,000 deal last summer to clear debts and make a one-off payment to the then Chairman, Peter McKenzie. The deal made them the first Scottish senior club to be owned by their fans.

Their on field performance since that time hasn't exactly been a great selling point for those of us who, like myself, want to see more fan ownership in the game, although the debts still hanging around don't help them get out of this mess.

It is the way forward though and the sooner we can have this at East Fife the better. Can't be much worse than an undertaker and a schoolgirl at the helm.

The excellent The Footy Blog have made an interesting "blogumentary" around the Stirling fans' takeover and the problems they are now facing both on and off the pitch. Talking to manager Jocky Scott, player Chris Aitken, a director and a local journalist about how things are going with the team under this new structure, you can see the will to succeed is clearly there.

You can watch the full documentary below. Maybe we'll get one on East Fife's ownership situation next. That's one that is long overdue.


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