Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yesterday's last minute frenzy before the transfer window closed was amazing.

We complained last year about the lack of activity and how boring it had all become. This year couldn't have been further removed from that and it was all strangely rivetting in the process.

I can't believe how much enjoyment I got from watching text updates at work on the ticker! That could just be because I need to get out more, I will admit that.

English Premier League clubs are reported to have have spent a staggering £225 million in the transfer window, an increase of £50 million from the previous record of three years ago.

When you consider how many people in the UK and throughout the world are struggling because of the recession this is mind-blowing. Actually it's obscene.

That's also just the teams from the Premiership remember.

Somewhere, someone hasn't been able to pay their electricity bill today or been able to afford food and Liverpool have just spent £35 million on a player that has only scored 32 senior career goals, played only 91 games and is currently injured. That figure is also what Vancouver Whitecaps paid MLS to get the 17th 'franchise' in 2009. That's a whole club.

Carroll has a talent but there is no way on earth that he is worth that sort of money. It's a transfer record for a UK player moving between English clubs. For how long? How much money would the likes of Dalglish, Rush or Law have been worth if their prime had been the current market?

Carroll has been highly critical of the move himself, in a bizarre turn of events.

He is reported to have said that he had been "pushed out the door" by Newcastle United Chairman Mike Ashley, although earlier reports from the Toon said he had handed in a transfer request when the first bid was turned down. If I was a club chairman and someone offered me that kind of money for a player not yet fully proven at the top level, I'd bite their hand off and considering Ashley had struggled to sell the whole club for £100 million not that long ago, he must be cock-a-hoop today.

The Newcastle fans certainly won't be. At least they won't hate Carroll for leaving his home team. He's now guaranteed a great reception whenever he returns to St James Park. What he gets from the Liverpool support we'll see soon enough.

Better than Fernando Torres will get from the travelling Reds support at Chelsea at the weekend anyway. By belittling Liverpool's "big club" status, he turned the broken hearts he'd left behind into ones repaired and filled with hate.

I'm not a Liverpool fan but he really has come across as a bit of a wanker over it all. Wonder what odds I can get on him getting injured in the forthcoming grudge match.

The whole Torres saga did give us our favourite story from the proceedings though!

The other player we were carefully watching was Charlie Adam.

He was almost the forgotten man after all the big name comings and goings and, much to Blackpool's relief, he will remain a Seasider till May at least.

Liverpool were knocked back and a last minute attempt from Tottenham to snag him apparently fell through because of two missing signatures from Blackpool board members. Good for them!

Losing him in the death throes of the transfer window would have killed Blackpool. They'd be struggling to replace him anyway but not at that late stage and this is now the problem that Newcastle faced.

It's ok having all the money in the bank but if you can't spend it and the team on the pitch is suffering as a result, is it worth it?

You know you're getting old when you can clearly remember the news generated by Trevor Francis' £1 million transfer in 1979. Nowadays, that wouldn't get you much.

Who knows where it will all stop but it needs to before we're left with only the top sides and then where will all their transfers come from?


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