Sunday, February 6, 2011

*** Well what a Saturday that was in the Premiership. 8 games, 41 goals, 7 of them penalties. Two eight goal games and a seven goal game in there. Fantastic stuff. Possibly the best day of EPL action ever. Still don't feel it's the "best league in the world" but yesterday it made a strong case.

*** Everyone is talking about the Newcastle-Arsenal game of course. Best comeback I've seen since Mali stunned Angola with a similar four goal comeback in last year's African Nations Cup. Mali's was better though as there were two goals in injury time. Plus I don't have a deep hatred of Mali brainwashed into me by my best mate and my old boss, who are both Mackems.

*** Hard to say who had the biggest nightmare moment in the above game. Arsenal's Abou Diaby, who's incredible act of arseholeness arguably cost them two vital points, or the officials who gave Newcastle a penalty that wasn't and didn't give them a goal that was or the stupid Newcastle fans that left early. Have to give it to the latter. You'd not get over walking out of a game like that for a while. That's why you shouldn't leave early. I stayed to the end of that notorious 7-1 drubbing of the Fife by Raith in 1987. Looking back, even if I was still there today, I don't think we'd have tied things up.

*** I think it's fair to say that the Lino in the Toon game had a mare. Trevor Massey. Good job it wasn't his namesake Sian. Maybe we owe her an apology. Must be the surname.

*** Blackpool need to get some wins going again soon. Great performance once again from them but that counts for nothing if you leave empty handed. You have a horrible feeling they're going to do a Burnley and fall just short. Hopefully not but at four points off the relegation places and 12 points away from the magical figure of 40 points that many talk about, it's looking like a tough ask ahead of them. I think the fourth bottom team is going to need more than those 40 points this season.

*** Moving away from the Premiership, Barcelona notched up a record breaking 16th consecutive win in La Liga, with a 3-0 victory over Atletico Madrid. Ten points clear, one loss all season, unbeaten away from home with only four goals conceded. Almost flawless football. Real Madrid must be looking on in envy. They spend all that money on big name flops and still can't win anything. Win for the good guys.

*** Uefa has reminded clubs that new financial regulations will be rigorously enforced come the 2012/13 season. Clubs must break even over a rolling period of three years. We will be interested and delighted if they do get tough on the worse offenders. On the day that Chelsea signed Fernando Torres for the obscene amount of £50 million, they announced losses for the year to June 2010 of £70.9 million. In what universe does that make any sense?

*** After last weekend's FA Cup excitement, the Scottish Cup was a severe letdown yesterday. Is there anything we can ever do to make it exciting, epsecially once your team has crashed out? With the last non-league side, Buckie Thistle, going out 2-0 at home to Brechin City yesterday, there's nothing much left to excite. I'll watch this afternoons bigot brothers derby, but you're always watching that for non footballing reasons and the hope that there's gonna be a big rammy. At least one of the bastards won't be in the final.

*** In the Scottish Junior Cup, my home town team, Glenrothes, are having no luck with the weather. Having finally got their third round match at home to Tranent played at the eighth attempt last week (which they won 3-0), their mouthwatering fourth round tie at home to Arthurlie fell foul of the rain yesterday. With several other third round ties still trying to be played, this years final could fall into 2012. It's like watching the Fife Cup.

*** And finally to all my readers of a non black and gold persuasion, spare a thought for East Fife. It was only after I posted the blog yesterday that I realised that not only are we the only club in the bottom six that have a plus goal difference, we're also still the highest scorers in the league and two points away from safety. Is there any other league in the world where this is likely to be the case? It could only happen to us.


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