Friday, February 11, 2011

With the 2011 Monkey Tennis World Cup taking place in Germany in July and Valentine's Day coming up on Monday, it's all about the ladies in AFTN today, as we bring you our top ten ways we think we could make women's football more entertaining.

Here to help ladies :

(10) New Rules for goalies - save a penalty, win the shoes of the girl that took it

(9) Games only to be played in the rain

(8) Eleven girls. Ten strips.

(7) If a player misses an easy chance, announcer gets to tell her that her bum looks big

(6) Did somebody say half time pillow fight???

(5) Substitutes warm up by riding around on giant dildos on wheels

(4) Sole shirt sponsorship deal with French Connection UK

(3) Losing captain has to go on a date with John Terry

(2) Conceding a free kick results in loss of possession - and shorts

(1) Twenty-two girls. One cup.


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