Monday, January 31, 2011

It may have been a day of twists and turns on the last day of the transfer window (more on that tomorrow), but someone seemed to forget to tell that to good people down Bayview way.

There was one piece of shocking news first thing though. Former gaffer, Stevie Crawford has left East Fife to move along the Kingdom to Cowdenbeath.

Now it may be due to my distance away from the Fife at the moment, but I truly never saw that coming. Some did. Stevie was the last remnant of the Willie Gray spending era and East Fife clearly needed to get those wages of our books. Now we have, leaving a gap in our striking department, the size of the usual gap in our defence.

We wish Craw all the best, as he completes his tour of the Kingdom by moving along to the Fife's in-bred neighbours.

It really does come to something though when we're losing good players to the like of Cowdenbeath. How far we've fallen.

Same is true with Clubs like Brechin, who were rumoured to be in for Bobby Linn.

The Fife faithful have breathed a huge sigh of relief though since it would appear, pending any announcements not being made public yet, that we've managed to retain Boaby's services till the end of the season.

Between our catastrophic defence, the loss of our top loan players and the loss of our consistant scorer from recent games, losing Linn on top of all of that could have been the final nail in our relegation coffin.

Failing to strengthen the defence still might be.

We do have the possibility of adding freed players and maybe another loanee, but John Robertson has to plug that defence somehow.

Robbo's lack of movement in the transfer department could also be an indication that he isn't planning on hanging around past the end of the season and the Club didn't want him to build the team for yet another new manager.

Or it could just be we have no money to bring in anyone new.

Whatever it is, it just means we have a long three and a half months ahead of us on a road that nobody knows where it's leading.


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