Monday, January 17, 2011

The fans didn't want it, we were told that a lot of the Scottish Premier League clubs didn't want it, but the bigot brothers did, so surprise, surprise, we've now got it.

The SPL Clubs todays decided to plough on with the much needed League reconstruction in Scotland, but by adopting the much-loathed and the completely pointless in what was behind calls for this in the first place option of a top tier of ten clubs.

Radical. Well, perhaps in the mid seventies.

So we'll now have a SPL of ten sides and 12 deluded fuckers in the 'Championship', where they can just dream of gaining promotion and playing meaningless matches to dwindling crowds and getting royally fucked in defensive displays against the Old Firm axis of evil, whilst going over budget and facing administration a few years down the road when their 'spend now/face the consequences later' attitude finally catches up with them.

Can't wait.

Only three Clubs backed a 14 club top flight, whilst the fans were crying out for 16 or 18 in attempts to reduce the monotomy of having to play the same sides 4-6 times a season.

What this will mean for the leftover SFL CLubs is anyone's guess at this stage.

Regional leagues, adding in Junior sides, SPL reserve teams playing in what will no doubt become Leagues One and Two. All these option will be on the table, but at the end of it all, it won't stop East Fife having to play Brechin and Arbroath ad nauseum whilst chasing that elusive goal of promotion to the 'Championship' and the chance to be rooted to the bottom of the table for a season, whilst being on the end of 6 and 7 goal drubbings.

When fans started to cry out and force the issue on change, this isn't quite how we saw it.

The bets should start to go down now as to when the first person comes out and says it's not working and we go through reconstruction for the umpteenth time.

Fucking clueless, the lot of them.


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