Friday, January 28, 2011

There's some things you just love to see in football. In last week's Friday Fun section, we looked at goalies scoring. But you can't talk about such things without mentioning dogs on the pitch. Even men with steel hearts love to see a dog on the pitch.

The trouble is these days you never see a dog on the pitch (to quote the legendary Half Man Half Biscuit - twice).

I haven't seen a dog on a football pitch since that time I accidentally stumbled across the Raith v Cowden Ladies match. Lots of rovers on display and a few howlers too.

The question that always puzzled me was how did people get dogs into the ground in the first place? It's hard enough trying to get a snack into a game these days.

This week's FF section has two videos of dogging delight.

First up is a match from the 1995 playoffs between York City and Bristol Rovers. The commentary on this is pure gold:

The dog was obviously a Rover. If it had been a City fan then surely it would have been a yorkie.

Ok, before I get my coat, here's a montage of canine capers, all set to the backdrop of Half Man Half Biscuit's "Even Men With Steel Hearts Love To See A Dog On The Pitch".



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