Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Anyone who supports one of the smaller top level sides or a lower leagues side will know exactly the quandary that Blackpool now find themselves in with Charlie Adam.

You're a club who it could be argued are punching well above their current weight. You're having your best season for many a year. You've thrown off that "favourites for relegation tag" and are sitting mid-table but still in a potential perilous position. It's all going great and the fans are cock-a-hoop.

Then comes the dreaded transfer window and the bigger clubs are sniffing around your biggest game turner. It's not unexpected, and neither are the miserly offers coming in for your star player.

In Blackpool's case it's made all the harder by the fact that the Club are playing out of their skins just now and what happens with Charlie Adam could affect not only the rest of this season, but their financial situation for many years to come.

For years they've been a selling club, now the fans want them to be a buying one or at the very least, keep hold of their best players.

It's a sad fact of life that the bigger clubs always want a bargain. They know they've got the upper hand and it's almost bullying the smaller sides into making the sale. So many clubs need to bring through players to sell just to survive, but what kind of survival is that really?

Charlie Adam was always going to be a transfer target in this window and the way he has been playing in the last few weeks can only have raised interest even higher. He's been outstanding and inspirational, almost sublime at times.

What has been surprising is the quality of the clubs coming in for him. A move to a team like Liverpool would be a dream for him but full credit to Blackpool for standing firm and turning down Liverpool's reported £4 million offer.

I loved Ian Holloway on Saturday saying stick a one in front of it and then they can talk.

It's a kick in the teeth to the team and the player to make such a bid but only to be expected. I'm sure Charlie Adam doesn't really care for the fee is, he just wants to make the move now and yesterday he put in a transfer request, which again Blackpool did well to turn down immediately.

Charlie Adam was just an average SPL player when he went to the Seasiders. Nothing special. But Ian Holloway, Blackpool and Adam himself changed all that and he's now a hot commodity. Blackpool undoubtedly helped him get to where he is today and Adam undoubtedly did the same for them.

Are they even or does the player owe the Club a thank you by going for the highest amount they can get for him? You'd like to think the latter but does that sentiment still exist these days? In fact, did it ever?

It's not just a plain and simple case of selling Adam and banking the cash for Blackpool.

If they hold out till the summer, Adam's star should be shining brighter and he may get an even better move and for a higher fee. Then again, he could go off the boil, Liverpool lose interest and he ends up somewhere like Wigan or Fulham. Not exactly as glamourous.

The most important aspect of all this though is what will happen to Blackpool if they allow Adam to go in this window? Will they freefall? Can they replace him with a quality player for that money, at this time?

The answer to that last question will be no.

The crux of it all is weighing up is getting money just now worth more than what keeping him and staying in the Premiership is worth and of course it isn't. Staying up will be a huge deal for Blackpool and will make them as a club for years to come. Ollie says it's worth £46 million to them if they avoid the drop. Going down and you're not going to have another Portsmouth on your hands, they're too financially savvy for that, but you could be looking at a team that will struggle to reach the dizzy heights of the Prmeirship again for many a year to come.

It's times like this that make it so hard and so frustrsating to support one of the smaller sides, although all the other advantages make up for it.

It's a momentous decision for Blackpool and Liverpool aren't going to give up on their man. The Tangerines don't want to have a moody, upset player on their hands either, possibly disrupting the wonderful team harmony they have at the coming crucial period.

You can't fault Charlie Adam in this. Any player would want to play at a big club and the chance for a Scot to play at Liverpool under King Kenny is a giant lure. Having him there will also be a huge boost to the Scottish national side and that can only be good for us.

So what the eventual outcome going to be?

Well, I see Adam going in the next few days for around £8 million in the end.

As for Blackpool. They'll not have time to find a decent replacement, so their current squad need to raise that bar even higher than they already are to secure their Premiership future.

The way they've gone about this season, you wouldn't back them not to do it.


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