Saturday, January 15, 2011

I enjoy watching the Premiership. That's a good thing since there so much of it on my television screen these days!

I don't think it's the be all and end all of live football though and as regular readers of this blog will know, we do feel it's full of self-important primadonnas with over-inflated egos who seem to forget there's hunners of cameras on them as they dive and fall all over the place at times.

Then there's the massive fear of failure and the financial consequences, some of which can basically kill a club, not only through relegation but with getting to what we're led to believe is the promised land in the first place. That fear certainly has an impact on some of the football played at times.

You can still give me a lower league or non league match to go and watch live any day of the week.

The "business end", that much overused phrase these days, of the Premiership is usually where most of the action has been at in recent seasons, as the top spot had basically turned into a two horse race that wasn't a whole lot more exciting than watching the Old Firm in Scotland.

This season seems to have seen a transformation in the Premiership though. It's getting pretty darn exciting all over!

The title race could be deemed as a three, four or even a five horse race, depending on how the results go in the next couple of weeks. Who will fill the remaining European spots is anyone's guess and then you have large clubs like Liverpool and Aston Villa in trouble and facing a realistic relegation battle.

There's still been some boring games of course, it is hard to get excited by Wigan at times, and a lot of the ones between the "big four/five" continue to disappoint.

Now that the excitement level has been cranked up in the Premiership though, it needs to continue. The fans will expect nothing less! Well, ok, some won't care as they just want to see Man U and Chelsea on their televisions every weekend.

A lot of this excitement is thanks to Ian Holloway and his Blackpool side. We won't continue our fawning over this but they have shown other small teams that you don't need to be frightened to attack and take the game to the bigger sides.

You'll get the odd thrashing, but you'll get amazing things like doing the double over Liverpool. More importanly, it will get you points. Defensiveness doesn't get you wins and I think some other sides have stood up and taken notice.

Wolves, West Brom and Stoke are other sides that ruffle a few feathers with their no-nonsense style of play.

As an exile at the moment, I get more live football and as-live games than I did in Scotland. This means I get to wake up on a Saturday and a Sunday to a plethora of live games. At times, there are three live 3pm kick off games to choose from on a Saturday.

This has invariably meant that a lot of Blackpool's games have been live for me to see and I've been loving every minute of them. None more so than this afternoon's game between the Tangerines and West Brom.

I would go as far as to say that it's one of the best Premiership football matches I've watched. Try and grab some highlights or the full game if you can.

It was a great advert for the Premiership and was non stop action. Maybe not full of the big names and talents as elsewhere this weekend but the passion and commitment by everyone to a man was a pleasure to see.

I tell you, if every game was played in such a carefree, end to end style then we'd have a much better League on our hands. Every current and wannabe Premiership manager and player should be made to watch it.

Hopefully all this excitement and attacking football can continue but I can't help but feel that come April, when some harsh realiities are starting to sink in with some clubs, the defensiveness and cageyness will be back in droves.


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