Friday, December 31, 2010

The last few months, commitments elsewhere have meant that this blog hasn't had the attention it was getting when I first started it.

This has disappointed me, so a decision had to be made to improve this situation and by stepping away from some other interests that were taking up too much of my time, I can now give my full attention once again on getting the blog done on a, hopefully, almost daily basis.

We're going to give the blog a makeover for 2011 as well. A new look. A sleeker design, but still in the AFTN livery of course.

No promises that it will be a daily football blog anymore and just reporting on anything and everything to have something to write will no longer be the order of the day.

If we have the desire and passion to write about things on any given day then we will. Some days may have two or three entries now and not tied down to the one a day regime I'd enforced before.

We're also going to backdate some posts and finally bring everyone up to speed with my snow disrupted travels in November.

2011 is also going to be an exciting year for other areas of AFTN.

The trusty old website ( will finally be getting the v.3 makeover we've been promising, we're going to launch a new sister site ( to focus on all things Vancouver Whitecaps, and we're also going to relaunch an AFTN Canada blog to focus on various issues and news on that side of the Atlantic.

So bear with us, thanks for your continued support and everyone at AFTN Towers wishes all our readers, no matter what team you support, a happy and healthy 2011.
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