Thursday, November 11, 2010

Joey Barton is back in the news again and as we've come to expect from the player, it's not for good reasons.

Watching "Match of the Day" last night, I couldn't quite believe what I saw Barton doing to Blackburn's Morten Gamst Pedersen. So I watched the numerous replays and each time you found yourself asking "was he really that fucking stupid?".

And of course, yes he was.

I'm sure you'll all have seen it in it's horrible glory by now.

Barton's punch into Pedersen's chest wasn't the worst thing you'll ever see on the football pitch but it was certainly one of the most unsavoury. From the look on his face (red mist if ever you'll see it), to the punch itself, to his pleading of ignorance immediately afterwards (open hand slap my ass). It all just left a horrible taste in your mouth.

How many times can he get away with being a thug before he's stopped from playing top flight football, either by managers or the FA? A three game ban is hardly going to have a huge life changing effect on the player.

Of course he's come out and apologised, at least being man enough to admit what he's done now:

"I hold my hands up, I reacted badly to the situation on Wednesday night and I deeply regret it.

"I have been working very hard to keep that side of my game under control and I think it has showed in the way I have been able to get on and enjoy my football this season.".

How many more times will he trot this out though and how many more chances will he get.

He's a disgrace. Plain and simple. Balance that with Pedersen, whose reaction to the media after the match was class personified.

Not a phrase you're ever likely to hear in the context of Barton.


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