Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I often get asked why I'm more fascinated in lower league and non league football than say the Premiership.

When football fans find out that I'm Scottish, the inevitable question follows.

"Which team do you support?"
"East Fife"
"No, I mean Celtic or Rangers?"

The conversation Scots all over the world will have no doubt endured.

To those that are fans of the "big" teams, it's quite unfathomable to them that you don't really support one of them and that you can get any real joy from watching football on a freezing cold night, in piss poor facilities and featuring players that even some of their relatives would find it hard to recognise.

I'm sure many of the FC United of Manchester fans felt like this when they were at Old Trafford for years before discovering the joys of lower league football. I'm sure many of them wish they'd discovered these joys a little bit earlier in life.

If you're living in a non traditional footballing country like the US or Canada, that bafflement becomes even greater.

Frankly, people think you're mad.

Having watched this evening's Manchester derby between United and City, I would have to ask who the mad one is.

As mentioned before in this blog, and as has happened on so many occasions now, the big game you were all hyped up and looking forward to watching was a huge letdown.

In fact it was more than that. It was pish and negative pish at that.

Where was the passion? The commitment? The flying tackles and flying bodies? The justification of the huge admission fees the fans paid and the wages the players are picking up?

Not at the City of Manchester Stadium anyway. Man City's starting line up cost £170 million to assemble. United's cost £113 million. You'd never have known.

I'd rather have been able to watch a game like last night's Johnstone's Paint Trophy match at Adams Park between Wycombe Wanderers and Bristol Rovers. A nine goal thriller.

Yup, give me lower level football any day of the week after what I saw tonight. I wonder when others will start to get wise?

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