Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ah Scotland. What are we to do with you?

A 3-2 loss to World Cup and defending European champions Spain at Hampden tonight showed everyone just how wrong Craig Levein got things on Friday night in the Czech Republic.

I don't think we need to say any more about the Prague debacle itself. Tonight at least some pride was restored to our nation's reputation.

Battling back from two goals down, at a point when you worried that the floodgates had just opened, to tie the Spanish maestros was a moment that will long live in the memories of those at Hampden tonight. And the thing is, we deservedly got back in to it by playing some nice flowing, attacking football.

We may have lost the game to a badly defended and marked Spanish third goal, but we certainly left the game with our heads held high.

Who would have realistically thought that we would be disappointed at not getting at least a point against Spain?

Of course, the burning question at the end of it all is one that's going to be asked time and time again in the next day or so. If we can play like that against Spain, what was with all that pish against the Czechs?

As we said on Friday, we actually have some not bad players at the moment. They wouldn't be playing at the levels that they are if they were.

So what's wrong? What can fix it? Does anyone at the SFA actually have any of these answers? Sadly it looks like another campaign to forget and it's hardly underway.


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