Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It was hardly a surprise when it was announced today that the possible FA Cup tie between AFC Wimbledon and Franchise FC will be ITV's pick for their televised second round match on November 27th.

The media interest has been enormous, even though the possibility of Ebbsfleet v Stevenage still hangs large. No one's going to let that prospect get in the way of a good story after all and The Wombles first round replay at Ebbsfleet will be shown live by ESPN.

For many that were too young to take in the debacle or just wonder what all the fuss is about MK Dons, read this post from "poultog", a member for over 4 years on the Franchise FC forum "The MooCamp":

"dont know about anyone else but this tie has really caught my interest and whetted the appetite once again. things were getting really stale and i was beginning to doubt my interest in the club...i was getting to the stage where i could take it or leave it."

Ah the classless Franchise fans and to think a Club died for these assholes.


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