Saturday, September 18, 2010

I've always known my life revolved around football. I've always known it took up a lot of my days, but since leaving Scotland it's become even more so!

I was amazed when I first moved to pastures new that there was more live football on my TV screen than I got in the UK. So many games, so many Leagues from around the world, so little time.

This season I just seem to have immersed myself in football more than ever before and even trying to keep this daily blog up to date has sometimes proved a struggle.

There's been all the live Premiership and Football League games in glorious HD on my TV. Add to this Champions League, Cup games, MLS, highlights shows and finding time for much else, like work and a wife, can prove difficult!

The fantastic new SFL highlights package and East Fife TV has to be included as well.

Then we have catching up with downloads of Match of the Day, the Football League Show, Soccer AM, Sportscene and radio shows like Off The Ball, The Danny Baker Show and The Non League Football Show.

I've had to drop some things like Goals on Sunday, to make room for Premier Sports new Blue Sqaure Premier coverage. I'm not getting time to write as much for the East Fife programme either unfortunately.

Then there's actually going to watch live games as well, doing a second blog for a supporters group and acting a Director of Communications for their committee.


So apologies if this daily football blog sometimes misses the odd day here and there as has happened a couple of times this year.

It's either that, become unemployed or divorce!
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