Friday, September 10, 2010

The way that recent tournament draws have gone, you could be forgiven for thinking that someone at UEFA really had it in for Scotland.

Whilst England always seem to get easy groups, the Scots have had it tough and usually against either World Cup winners, European Championship winners or both.

After the Under 21's fanastic victory over Austria on Tuesday evening, I wouldn't have been surprised to see Scotland drawn against Spain in the playoffs.

With Scotland in Pot A as a seeded team, the tantalising prospect of England was also there, but they got what is, on paper at least, a fairly easy tie against Romania.

Scotland were drawn fifth out of Pot A and placed second in the tie, meaning that they would be at home for the vital second leg of the playoff. Just what we could have wanted.

Of all the teams in Pot B, I would have loved us to get Belarus or Iceland. Belarus would have given us the possibility of one of those dreaded eastern European travel disasters right enough.

As it turned out, I think we got the best draw possible for us - Iceland!

With the first leg in chillsville and the return leg in Scotland, we have an excellent chance of qualifying for next year's Championship in Denmark.

The ties will be played between October 8th and 12th. Hopefully the lads get a huge turnout to cheer them on to that very rare thing in Scottish football these days - a spot in some finals.

Good luck guys. We're behind you all the way. Do us proud.


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