Monday, September 27, 2010

It doesn't take a lot to tickle my funny bone at times. Watching tonight's Blue Square Premier game between York City and Darlington provided me with much amusement every time York's Michael Gash was announced on the ball.

What a fantastic name to have for opposition fans and aptly, his performance this evening was as gash as his name suggested.

Now for those reading this, especially those outside of the UK, who don't know what's funny about this, well the word gash has two slang meanings. It can mean being rubbish ("he's playing gash tonight") and it can also mean a woman's vagina ("she had a smelly gash").

For a footballer to have the name Gash is getting right up there with Celtic's Brazilian flop Rafael Scheidt.

It's just the kind of name that is prime for ripping the piss out of for ninety minutes. As I said, simple things for simple mind and add to that the fact that it wasn't the most exciting game in the world to watch!

Anyway it gave us the idea to come up with a team of hilarious names for one of our Friday Fun posts, so let us know your nominations for the team in the comments section below.

I think we'll be hard pressed though to beat my all time favourite player that I've gotten to shout abuse at in person. Step forward Minnesota Stars forward Devin Del Do.

The poor bastard certainly gave us some of the chants of the season in the Vancouver Whitecaps Southside.


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