Monday, September 13, 2010

It's been quite the week for late goals. Some good, some bad.

Scotland's 97th minute winner against Liechenstein saw us celebrate in the moment like we'd actually qualified for the Euro 2012 Finals.

Everton's two goal stoppage time fight back against Man United was some of the best five minutes of football you'll see in the Premiership this season, in terms of excitement.

Then we had East Fife's loss up at Forfar to a 94th minute goal, but the less we say about that again the better.

Lots of games worth staying till the end of, yet time and time again some fans decide to leave early and miss all the action.

It's just desserts for their lack of faith and funny as fuck when you hear their "sad" tales, but you have to ask the question why do so many fans bugger off early.

A good mate of mine missed Scotland's dramatic winner when he left Hampden in disgust. Fud! A lot of Everton fans left before injury time when their side was 3-1 down. Bigger fuds.

Why do that to yourself? Is it really that important to try and beat the crowds and the traffic out of the car park? Surely you knew the game was going to last till that particular time, so you shouldn't have anywhere else to go.

Sure occasionally you may have to be somewhere else unavoidably. The only two games I remember ever leaving early were hastily arranged midweek games that clashed with two concerts I had tickets for. Even then I stayed till as very late as I could and missed the start of the gigs.

I think some fans just get into that routine of 'must leave early to beat the traffic', especially fans at the top clubs.

Barring a pressing emergency though, how can any fan leave a match when it's delicately poised? It's baffling to me.

Maybe there should be a "full ninety minutes (plus stoppage time)" campaign to draw attention to their foolishness. I think Danny Baker's just the man for that one!


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