Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another season, another embarrassing performance from Scottish clubs in Europe.

Just over a year ago we were decrying Scottish football as being a national embarrassment. 54 weeks on and very little has changed as Celtic, Dundee United and Motherwell all crashed out of the Europa League this evening.

At least Motherwell and United made a bit of a game of it and fought for their Europa League places, whilst Celtic just capitulated and were frankly dire.

The Champions League draw has pitted Rangers against Man U and Valencia, so not much hope offered there for advancement at first glance.

Another European Scottish adventure over before it's begun.

The state of our national game is depressing stuff.

Two weeks in and already you know it's a two horse race for the SPL title. Yeah, 99.9% of the time it always is, but at least you have a feeling for a few weeks that someone will challenge them. This year I can't even see any semblance of a challenge.

Aberdeen may have made a terrific start but they've played two weak teams. There's an outside chance they may challenge Celtic for second, but slim. Rangers should sadly face a leisurely walk to retaining their title this season.

Off the pitch, nothing appears to have been done around youth development, league reconstruction and creating some air of competitiveness to the top flight.

It's the same old, same old and the game is lumbering along from one embarrassing season to another.

The national team raised a little hope with the appointment of Craig Levein. After the display in the Swedish friendly earlier this month, it's hard to get too excited or too carried away with the forthcoming Euro 2012 campaign.

The grassroots of the game in Scotland still needs the same radical overhaul that it has done for the last few years. This same overhaul is also needed in the higher echelons of the SFA and SFL.

We're banging our heads against a brick wall. All of us advocating for change are. It's not going to make us give up but the lack of advancement on any of the key issues is sapping to the enthusiasm.

Will we ever see glory days back? The way it's going, a whole generation may miss out.


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