Monday, August 23, 2010

We asked The Undisputed, author of our popular "View From The Bay" section, to have a look at this whole stadium business for us...


So, East Fife have announced the possibility that they will be moving to a new stadium. Or rather, the media have announced the possibility that East Fife will be moving to a new stadium. Which is a quite different thing really. East Fife were too busy leading us all up the garden path about major developments at our current home, which the Board likened to the model which made Barcelona what they are today.

So, while we stood at the Open Day - 'Open' Day, mind you - listening to their sincere utterings on how New Bayview would become Nou Bayview, we’re now led to believe that this was all nonsense, and that they already knew this to be nonsense. But, it seems we’ve to forget about that and trust them now – with the whole future of our club, no less. Well, that’s okay then.

Whatever the pros and cons, whatever the likelihood of all this seeing the light of day, with all the uncertainty that’s going to surround the development, one certain change that needs to be made to the plans immediately is the provision of a mound at one end of the park. Just in case it’s required in due course.

With the news being broken, the Board have grudgingly had to give out some details of the plans, including a drawing of the proposed set-up. The drawing may look like it has been prepared by our major shareholder using her new crayons but at least it’s something. The plan has in fact been prepared by the same architect who wants to build a version of Dubai’s Palm Islands off Leven Beach. Opposite Johnny’s Amusements and just along from where Mr Doriano’s ice-cream van used to sit. Quite.

The plans show a grand array of facilities which will apparently include a supermarket, hotel, food outlets and community pitches.

Then, there’s the Park & Ride. Now, tucked away in the back corner as this is, I can actually see this attraction being quite popular, alas only of an evening, and only then with the local dogging community. Which does fit in rather well with the concept of Park & Ride right enough.

These are early days and the provision or otherwise of certain facilities isn’t yet clear. Will there be car parking? Will there be Taxi Ranking? Will there be a taxi for Rankine? Time will tell.

When we moved to New Bayview, all manner of facilities were promised. As well as housing and an old folk’s home, there was to be a marina. There’s still no housing, the only thing resembling an old folk’s home is the back row of the centre stand on a Saturday afternoon, and well, the only Marina I’ve seen down there was Ronnie Cassells’ old car, grand if you’d four hours to get to Cliftonhill on a Tuesday night, but no sort of a magnet to the rich and famous – in fact, with the amount of Araldite holding that contraption together, no sort of a magnet to anything really.

On 14th November 1998, East Fife played their first game at New Bayview. With the score standing at 0-0, the Forfar keeper blasted an attempted clearance which only made it a few yards before clattering into Barrie Moffat’s family jewels, leaving our striker writhing in pain as the ball (the match one) rebounded into the net for the stadium’s first-ever goal. Let’s hope that, if and when New Bayview closes down, we’re not left feeling the same way and that the family jewels of East Fife Football Club, such as they are, remain intact.

The Undisputed


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