Friday, August 27, 2010

We're always on the look out on ebay for any interesting pieces of East Fife memorabilia. Any item, any era, whether it be programmes, cigarette cards and just general interesting bits and bobs.

It's the curse of the collector. You always want more.

We've put together quite a collection here at AFTN over the years, going way back, and a lot of the items are either up, or will be up, on the Bayview Bible section of the website. We still harbour hopes of setting up an AFTN East Fife museum at some point!

There's two items I've personally been trying to get hold of for ages now, but still to no avail.

One is the beer glass brought out to celebrate the 1938 Scottish Cup win. I was the highest bidder till 2 seconds to go on one of these a few years back and have regretted missing out ever since.

The other is the first ever history of East Fife published in 1948 and called "Through The Years With East Fife FC".

So if you happen to have either for sale then please get in touch!

We picked up a really fun item the other week from ebay from FootyBits. It's a fridge magnet of the cover of the programme from our historic 1938 Scottish Cup win against Kilmarnock.

It's nothing flashy and it's just a basic homemade fridge magnet, but it's a lot of fun and really nice to start your day by getting some milk out of the fridge and being reminded of the proudest day in East Fife's long history.

It would be good if they could add some of the League Cup final programmes to their range. They do also have the 1950 Scottish Cup final programme cover for the 3-0 loss to Rangers. Don't really want reminded of that one so much!

So check out their ebay store and add the must have thing for your fridge this season. If you do order, then tell them that AFTN sent you their way.


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