Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ok, so who had less than a month in the sweep?

Say what you want about Newcastle United fans, but you certainly can't say they're not passionate about their Club. You also don't want to get on their wrong side - especially if you actually play for them.

Sol Campbell's outburst on ESPN'sSoccernet, after Toon fans had christened him "fat belly", is bizarre to say the least.

It stems from a photo showing Sol in a less than flattering light and a more than fattening belly in pre-season training, raising immediate concerns about his fitness levels for a new Premiership campaign.

He labelled the abuse "pathetic" and added that he had just got married and been on honeymoon, offering that as an excuse. Hmm, you don;t have a gut like that from just being on honeymoon! Surely a professional footballer at the top level should never let himself have a big belly like that showing (Gazza excepted).

Hopefully we're not going to see Stevie Hislop come back in a less than svelte figure for the Fife against Clydebank on Saturday.

Maybe this bellygate saga shows Celtic had a lucky escape in not signing him, although, judging by their own defensive woes so far this season, maybe beggars shouldn't be choosers in that regard.

If Campbell doesn't get into shape quick and helps Newcastle in what is going to be a tough season back in the top flight for them, then the Toon fans aren't likely to get off his back any time soon and once that happens his days at the club will surely be numbered.


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