Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm sure a lot of you out there are salivating at the prospect of the two World Cup semis, particularly the Germany-Spain one. I have to say that I find them a less than exciting proposition.

That's not because I think they'll be bad affairs in terms of the football on offer, far from it. It's just more to do with the fact that I couldn't really give a toss either way about any of the teams that are still left in the tournament.

I have no interest in Spain, Germany or Holland. I have no interest in any of their domestic leagues, their players or anything else about them. Never have done, unless they've been playing England. I neither love, nor hate them, and thus, can't muster much enthusiasm about the games or their prospects of lifting the trophy.

I could just sit back and enjoy the games as a neutral, but that's not fun to me! I'm more a football fan than a fan of football. I want to have someone to cheer for.

That leaves Uruguay. As the underdogs of the four and the surprise semi finalists, I'd usually be backing them to go all the way.

In some ways I am.

There's the historic aspect of them winning the first World Cup and not receiving the credit they deserve for their displays. I'm currently reading the excellent "Four Weeks In Montevideo" by Hyder Jawad that documents the 1930 tournament. It's recommended reading and shows the passion of the country as a true full blooded football nation and the disrespect they were shown by many 80 years ago. That has me on their side this time around.

Then there's the fact that they have the most exciting strikeforce in this year's tournament in Diego Forlan and Luis Suarez. They're a joy to watch at times and like I said last week, I don't blame Suarez for Ghana's exit and see him as a hero to his country.

Going against that though there's their infamous playacting and dirtyness. I still remember Mexico 86 and that shameful performance from them that put Scotland out. Maybe I shouldn't still hold grudges as it was a long time ago and ultimately Scotland fucked it up for themselves in the end by being unable to score. It's hard though! They still go down like a brick's hit them at the slightest thing.

They've done well to get to the semis but it's hard to see past the Dutch at this stage. I picked them to get to the final from the start (albeit against Argentina) and nothing is making me change that opinion.

Who'll they'll play is the interesting one. Before the tournament I'd have taken Spain. The way they've been playing though, it's hard to see past Germany.

Paul the psychic Octopus is going for Spain though, so maybe I should put my money on them after all. He is seldom wrong and did back the Germans to dump out England.

It's still not going to make me care about the final or who wins though. If only some minnows had swum to the top.


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