Friday, July 23, 2010

Another video clip for this week's Friday Fun section.

It's an oldie from the Bundesliga match between Hertha Berlin and Hamburg on September 20th 2009 last year.

I was just reading about this in an old When Saturday Comes the other week. No idea how I never heard about it at the time, but as with Robert Green's howler in the World Cup, it's always a good idea to dig out goalkeeping blunders. They always put a smile on your face.

This isn't so much a blunder, as just mind blowing stupidity.

Hertha goalkeeper Sascha Burchert had come on for the injured starting keeper Timo Ochs. In the 38th minute he makes an error of judgement when trying to head clear from the edge of his box. Hey it happens. You just make sure you don't do it again. But then, just over a minute later...

It starts at 1 minute 23 seconds into the video. Enjoy!:

Hamburg's David Jarolim and Ze Roberto were the players to take advantage of Burcherts' error. I wonder if he still has that particular move in his locker.


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