Saturday, July 31, 2010

We warned about getting too carried away about our pre-season form and last week's win against Brechin. We didn't quite see us coming down with such a thump and quite so quickly.

Today's 4-1 defeat at Raith in the first round of the League Cup hurt in so many ways.

The first half performance was, by all accounts, one of the worst performances many had ever seen from an East Fife team. And that's saying something, we've seen some shit in our time! Our Raith hoodoo of 23 years continues, a lot of the good work in building up the players' confidence pre-season will have been undone and I lost twenty quid in backing them to do the business. Clearly some of us never learn.

Not having been at the game, I don't want to comment too much on it, although if you haven't seen it or just want to see it again, you HAVE to check out Bobby Linn's fantastic free-kick for us. Possibly the only positive to take from things.

What has been alarming to read on the AFTN Forum is the reaction of some of the fans after the game.

Calls for Stevie Crawford to go certainly wasn't what I was expecting to read after just our second game of the season. There's been criticism of Paul Tansey and Craig Johnstone as being unfit to wear the jersey from some fans with a short memory that most were singing their praises last week. Same with Crawford's contribution as a player.

It's been depressing to read. I honestly can't think of being in a position where I'd walk out of a game after thirty minutes but when a real Fife hardcore fan says that, it does make you wonder what was going on. I'm not one for blind loyalty but that's pushing it a bit in my opinion.

Everyone needs to calm down. One game does not a season make. Whether in a good way or a bad way.

Craw had a difficult first season. This time he has assembled his own squad, on a reduced budget, but one which has shown very promising signs in pre-season. This time he can be judged and fall on his sword if need be, but to do it right now is ridiculous.

If by the end of August it's looking like the same disappointing season as last year, then maybe questions can start to be asked.

The League kicks off next week against Airdrie. Now isn't the time to get on the players backs, call for the manager's head or infighting between the fans.

Everyone should know by now that you don't support East Fife for the glory. It's for the love. We need to see some passion and commitment on the pitch to keep the love affair alive of course and I think the squad that Stevie has put together this season is an exciting one and one which will have us talking about the team for all the right reasons.

Hopefully they'll show us this and we'll see it in full flow next Saturday. C'mon the Fife.


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