Sunday, July 11, 2010

As the World Cup draws to a close, I'd like to thank you for reading "View From The WC". It might surprise you to know that only the best stuff makes it in and that there are things which get dropped. Yeah really, there's stuff that's worse than the stuff that's used!

In this brief outtakes edition, we make you appreciate that however bad it's been, it could have been worse.

Four weeks have passed and I never did subject you to the one about the Indomitable Lions being watched back home in Yaounde by people in Cameroon Bars. I resisted speculating whether Japan would drop Honda meaning a recall for Toyota (oh, they've all been recalled already). Did an Octopus called Paul really keep predicting winners and would he be so clever if the games were played over two legs (and six arms)?

And, as the Japanese coach Takeshi Okada pledged to quit after the Finals to become a farmer, the question was whether he would still have to work around calf injuries?

A particularly bad line about FIFA fat-cat Michel Platini's collapse in a restaurant the other night got kicked. It was a convoluted reference to Raoul Moat with Platini hearing that Moat was finished, thinking they'd said the Moet was finished and passing out in panic. Thank goodness you were spared, huh?

The question of which was more full of air - the Jabulani or Jim Beglin - went unasked, and even the alternative take on the poem "Just Passing By" from VftWC #8 was subject to editing, losing a line which reflected on the working ladies and other features of the South African World Cup – 'vuvuzelas and vulva sellers' it went – I know, I know!

So, for any of you who think the whole thing is the biggest waste of time since England practiced penalties before the Germany game, just remember - it could have been a lot worse.

However, one question remains. What about the stuff that got edited from this edition? The stuff that was too bad to even see the light of day in the edition about the stuff that was too bad to see the light of day? Yep, there was some of that as well. And that really was bad! And, if you don’t believe me, ask GoF – or the therapist he’s now paying for.

Enjoy the final.

The Undisputed


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