Saturday, July 3, 2010

As I mentioned earlier this week in the blog, I've been lucky enough to set my work schedule around the World Cup fixtures. It's been great. I've managed to see every game in full so far apart from the last quarter final today.

An unavoidable work commitment meant that I just couldn't get away to watch the Spain v Paraguay game live and what a game that turned out that I missed!

This year's World Cup hasn't been a classic. The top players have underperformed. The minnows have caused a few shocks but nowhere near on the grand scale as I had hoped. It's been the same old, same old nations getting through to the latter stages on the whole. Some games don't even merit the old favourite "like watching paint dry" comparison (how bad was Paraguay v Japan the other day?!). Then to cap it all off, my tip for the title, Argentina, crashed out in spectacular style this afternoon, sending my bets and World Cup pools over a cliff to their doom.

For all these downsides, it's still been riveting viewing of course. For every Paraguay-Japan, there's a Paraguay-Spain. Bizarre the same nation can feature in such extremes but there you have it.

When I'd discovered that this was to be the game I wouldn't be able to sit down and watch live, I wasn't too fussed. I'd expected a dull, yet comprehensive, Spanish victory. Far from it, bar the result. Today's game was pulsating stuff. Two missed penalties, one scored penalty re-taken, dubious offsides, dubious encroachments both given and not and late drama.

Not to worry anyway as I was recording it. All set to watch as soon as I got home. I just had to avoid the result. Shouldn't have been too hard being in an environment where most couldn't give a toss about the World Cup and those that did were either way too busy or unable to find a way of getting the result.

But there's always one person. One person that has to spoil things. One person who doesn't quite get football. Why are these people on the planet? In my case I met two of them today.

The first encounter came as I knew the game was reaching it's final quarter of an hour. I'd done well to avoid any mention of the game, never mind any hint of a score. Then she arrived. Someone who had never shown any interest in football, but who seemed to have been drawn in to the magic of the World Cup, so she's not all bad.

"Sorry I'm a little late" she said. "I was just watching the Spain game". I knew I had to get in quick and cut such talk off right away. "Don't tell me anything about the game, I'm recording it to watch later and don't want to spoil it" I quickly piped up. She started to continue forcing me to quickly emphasise "DON'T TELL ME THE SCORE"!

"Oh ok" she said disappointed, at not being able to share what she knew. "I can't tell you the score anyway as there hasn't been any goals yet" she added in all innocence. Sigh.

I mean, what the fuck? How stupid do you have to be to realise that that in itself is a scoreline?

Pulling out what little hair I have left, I removed myself from her company and then managed to avoid any inclination of what had transpired in the game, clueless as to who had got through to the semis.

At least I had until five minutes before the end of the work day when this other stupid cow proceeded to walk into our back office as we were packing up and all set to go home and declare to no-one in particular "so that's Germany and Spain gone through today then".

Seriously, I could have punched her fucking lights out there and then!

These people don't just get football, they don't get sport. They don't get the passion of sports fans and the importance of the games to us. I'm also sure that some of them also just don't get life.

To use an old fave phrase of mine, if I was king, these fuckers would most definitely be amongst the first against the wall.

At least I have Tuesday and Wednesday off to enjoy the semi finals without any interuptions or spoilers. Just a pity that I don't actually care who wins it now from the countries left.

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  1. Amen to that. Idiots at my work who almost never watch football were chomping at the bit to inform me of scores. Why?!?!?


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