Friday, July 16, 2010

You know it's a quiet news day when sites are still talking about the World Cup's aquatic star, Paul the Psychic Octopus.

You also know how bad the World Cup was itself that he became such a centre of attention.

Latest news is that the German aquarium that hosts the eight legged witch, the Oberhausen Sea Life centre, has turned down a transfer request for Paul from Madrid Zoo.

Did the powers that be in Madrid not learn anything from last season's dismal performance by Real? You can't just go and buy success. Whether it be two legged or eight!

The Germans have turned the request down though before Paul could put ink to paper.

They've gone mad for the cephalopod in Spain since his semi final prediction saw him bite the hand that fed him mussels and then predicted that everyone would be bored shitless watching Spain win the final.

When a town makes him an honourary citizen and he has a festival named after him though then you really do need to call things to a halt. He's just a fucking octopus, albeit one that would put Asian bookmaking rings to shame.

It would never happen in Scotland.

If he'd tipped us, the only celebration he'd be part of is one with a poke of chips after being deep fried.


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