Sunday, July 18, 2010

Setanta Sports (remember them UK readers!) made a big announcement in Canada today. They're going to be launching a HD channel on August 1st. This is huge for the game in North America.

I know from talking to various friends across the globe, that, for some, the jury is still out for them when it comes to HD TV. They see it as just a money making ploy, but to them I have to say, you're missing out big time! Having had HD for about 15 months now, I can't speak highly enough about it. It really is a must have and once you have it and see it, you'll never want to go back to standard definition games again. Especially when the quality of your SD channels from your provider is piss poor to start with!

In fact, that's the big problem now for me. Having spent the last few weeks watching all the World Cup games in glorious HD, I don't want to watch my games on TV any other way. It just won't cut it for me. I want that crystal clear quality and not the crap pixelated view that the current Setanta Sports for example gives off in Canada. They've definitely made the right move there to cash in on all the World Cup viewers at this time. Having watch a lot of games on it, you got better internet streams than some of their broadcasts.

The thought of now having all my Premiership, Championship, SPL, FA Cup games and way more in glorious HD is very exciting. It's going to work best though for the League One and Two games. That's what you really want to see in HD. All the lower league and even non league stuff. Real football in real surroundings (well some real surroundings still). You can almost smell the deep heat.

I'm sure smellyvision will come at some point in the future. I mean we're starting to have 3D now. That I really don't see the point of. If you want 3D football, get off your arse and go and watch it live and in person.

All I need now is my East Fife highlights in HD and I'll be a very happy chappy.


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