Sunday, July 25, 2010

Since it's a quiet day news wise, we thought we'd just use the blog today for some shameless self promotion!

We've finally got round to properly launching AFTN on FACEBOOK.

We set the group up towards the end of last year and didn't really mention it to anyone, but thought we should probably do something with it now. Thanks to the few of you that had already found us!

We want to make it the home for all East Fife fans on Facebook, but we also hope that fans of all teams, especially those with an interest in lower league Scottish football, will come and join in the fun.

The aim is to keep you up to date quickly with the latest Fife news, as well as links to newspaper and website articles about the club, general tidbits, funs photos and videos and a lot more.

So come and join us HERE.

Also don't forget about AFTN's YOU TUBE and TWITTER sites as well.


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