Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today's that day I hate at World Cup time. After 19 straight days of action and 56 games, we now have those two horribly long football free days. Yes dear readers, it's hell time.

Sure there's the two day spell between the quarters and the semis and then the two day one between the semis and the pointless third place match, but it's always this first break that hits the hardest. There's nae fitba on the telly.

I've tried to recapture the mood today, without having to resort to sticking my head in a beehive. Andy Murray's excellent triumph at Wimbledon helped.

Since we seem to love countdown shows in the UK (and I'm not talking about Jeff Stelling's Channel 4 effort), I've stockpiled all the ones that were on in the lead up to the tournament.

So my next two days will be filled with the 100 Greatest World Cup Moments Of All Time, 50 Greatest World Cup Goals and Most Shocking Moments. I'm sure my wife can hardly wait!

Will also be interesting to watch them and try and figure where certain moments of the 2010 World Cup will come into the next selections that they'll roll out in four years time. I think I might have Robert Green's howler in all three shows!

I also have a couple of domestic North American games to watch, as Vancouver Whitecaps take on Montreal Impact in USSF Division 2, followed by Seattle Sounders travelling to their hated local rivals Portland Timbers in the US Open Cup.

Maybe it's not going to be as much hell this time as I thought!

Ach, who am I kidding? Less than 48 hours to go till the real stuff's back on my screen. Can't wait.


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