Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thought we should maybe re-write that burger advert...

Sepp Blatter sitting in the stand
Well-known inhabitant of Cloudcuckooland
Counting the dollars, converted from Rand
He's just passing by

He says South Africa's on the up
What happened before, they were just mixed up
So he's given them the World Cup
While he's just passing by

Jabulani, crazy ball, rises up but just won't fall
Soars above the defensive wall
Lands on a Durban shopping mall
It's just passing by

Uzbeki ref, the best of all,
Linesmen right on every call!
That won't happen in the league next year
When they're back to being 'insincere'
A short-lived phenomenon, this is clear
Just passing by

For some the game is hardly seen
Looking for themselves on the giant screen
Bras in the colours of their team
Might get spotted, Hollywood dream
If the guy with the camera, shooting scenes
Is just passing by

Shots of the crowd so we can spy
Brazilian ladies, girls from Paraguay
Spanish beauties who don't have to try
To melt the heart of any guy
Just passing by

The Korean girl, says her name is Stella
Don't let her blow on your vuvuzela
Cause her real name's Stan and she's a fella
Just pass her by…

...faces partly hidden behind their fans
Wicked eyes and sunbed tans
Lovely ladies to a man
Just pass them by

The Italians bore, the Greeks even more
Brazil v Portugal made us snore
I'd hoped we might get goals galore
Games start at three (I'm asleep by four)
Just pass me by

Maybe youth is somewhat lacking
We've got Cannavaro and Hakan Yakin
Both their teams have been sent packing
They were just passing by

But at least some teams have entertained
New Zealand never lost a game
North Korea just the same
Returning home to great acclaim
(Opponents goals cut frame by frame
As the opposition striker's taking aim
Faulty film gets the blame)
And as for the seven-nothing shame
We'll just pass that by

In the bars of Dublin dressed in green
They're thinking of what might have been
But the craic is strong, their smiles beam
As tricky Thierry's hardly seen
And the French implode and beat the scene
They were just passing by

(and hush please)...

The Germans have ended the English dream
St George is slain by the football machine
But if they'd won their group and got easy teams
The TV people had painted the scene
England with the cup, the world's best team
A final win over the Argentine
If the Algerian defence weren't so stubborn and mean
The United States not quite so keen
If the ball had stopped with Robert Green
But it was just passing by

There's a World Cup for everyone

The Undisputed


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