Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So, England stuttered their way through to the second round. As the final whistle blew, it looked like they were going to be group winners and facing a likely path of Serbia then possibly Uruguay. However, Donovan was on song in the other game and popped in a glorious late winner for the US to change England's likely path (at the time of writing) to Germany then possibly Argentina. Nice one - I’ve a good mind to go out and buy all his albums.


German ref Herr Stark missed a trick by not finding some excuse to award Slovenia a penalty-kick late on. How good would that have been – the Germans knocking the English out on penalties when they weren’t even playing them.


Slovenia's Cesar promised Wayne Rooney "an unpleasant experience" and spent the game, largely unsuccessfully trying to make this happen. Someone should have told the centre-half all he needed to do was hold a mirror up in front of him.


Away from the park, it's reported that one lady in South Africa has had to seek medical attention for a ruptured throat which she'd suffered as a result of blowing too long and too hard on a vuvuzela. At least that's what she told them at A&E! I might give her a call when she’s better.

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