Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So, it’s Uruguay and Mexico who emerge from Group A, and deservedly so. The Uruguayans won the game everyone thought would be a draw, but goal difference means the Mexicans also edge through despite Bafana Bafana’s win over Buffoona Buffoona.


One Mexican player who’ll be appearing on our TV screens next season will be Javier Hernandez who has signed for Manchester United. At the World Cup, the youngster has been sharing striking duties with Blanco and Franco, ideal preparation, one would have thought, for sharing them next season with Wanko.


Had the hosts managed to eat away the goal difference, they could have ended up in a drawing of lots to decide who progressed to the Second Round. As always FIFA’s preparation was meticulous and they had the balls all ready to go into the hat in case this tie-break had been required. According to a FIFA spokesman, there was one yellow ball representing South Africa and one green ball for Mexico.

by The Undisputed


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