Saturday, June 19, 2010

England’s latest tale of woe came on Friday night when an impostor found his way into their dressing room. He was closely followed by ten of his mates then, to make matters worse, a fan got in there as well.


So what of Fab Cap’s fab caps? Having been drawn in the easiest group in the history of World Cup Finals, it has been generally assumed (mostly by themselves, right enough) that they would take only two games to make it into the knockout stage. And they haven’t let anyone down. Sure enough, after only two games they now go into what is effectively a knockout game against mighty Slovenia. Well done England – you’re bang on schedule.


One thing that’s helping my enjoyment of the World Cup now is that at last my ears seem to have reached the point where they’re filtering out that ceaseless droning noise that’s been going on in the background whilst games are being played. I mean, why have Jim Beglin commentating anyway?


Sometimes, when we’re trying to enjoy the matches, the TV directors insist on digressing by showing close-ups of attractive young lady supporters from the various participating nations. What with us being serious football supporters, and being firmly against women (oo-er) being seen as sex objects, we don’t really approve of this. However, since the TV people have presumably identified a market for this sort of thing, VftWC has grudgingly condescended to cater for you non-purists with one such picture only.

The picture we've chosen shows a gorgeous Paraguayan babe with a fantastic cleavage and a hairy twat:

by The Undisputed


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