Thursday, June 17, 2010

Diego Maradona, when asked who he feared at the Finals, said he's not afraid of anything unless it's wearing a mask. Perhaps he should beware Slovenia then who, despite doing nothing for the entire ninety minutes, managed to nick all three points off Algeria. If the Slovenians weren't wearing masks, they certainly should have been.


Underdogs – or is it undersheep – New Zealand sprang arguably the biggest surprise of the 2010 Finals to that date with their last-gasp draw against Slovakia. Slovakia of course used to be part of Czechoslovakia (they were the second part). The first part, Czecho, didn’t qualify this time.


Following on from their goalkeeping woes on Saturday, England's latest setback came when a sewage pipe burst and left their nicely washed and pressed kit covered in... well, the stuff that flows through sewage pipes. Accident or analogy, surely it's bad enough that England's chances are being sabotaged by their number one, without them being sabotaged by number twos as well.

Mind you, when I come to think of it, maybe the big man upstairs had misheard their prayers. Hey God - they said "a fluent attack" not "effluent attack".


Congratulations to North Korea for producing possibly the World Cup's biggest shock of all time as Ji Yun-nam's 89th minute goal gave the Asian side an improbable and incredible 1-0 victory over the mighty Brazil!

I'd like to sincerely thank North Korean Radio for providing me with commentary on Tuesday's game.

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