Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Now, what was that about Scottish goalkeepers? Some information I meant to point out to Fabio Capello before he picked his team (sorry, Fabio, I forgot) but according to the Opta stats for last season the Premier League goalie with the most errors leading to a goal was Rob Green with 4. The English number 1 (or is it number 2?) shares his name, give or take the spelling, with playwright and poet Robert Greene. Now what quote was he famous for? Oh, I remember - "Oft times many things fall out between the cup and the lip." Quite.


Words of encouragement for England from one poster on an American ‘soccer’ website…

"We beat them 1 - 0 in our previous World Cup encounter in 1950; today England tied us 1 - 1. It took 60 years, but they are improving."


You know that thing where you start out saying something and then have to change it mid-flow as you realise it's going to sound very dodgy indeed. Ahead of the opening game, ITV showed the Argentinians in practice, including their ritual of having the losers of the training game turn their backs while the winning team kick footballs at their rear ends.

Back to the studio and Andy Townsend suggested that he and Gareth Southgate might try that with presenter Adrian Chiles. Cue the best 'save' of the tournament so far as Chiles adjusted his response mid-sentence to something relatively innocent, when it was pretty apparent that he was originally going to say, "It would be a privilege to have your balls hitting off my backside, fellas."

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