Monday, June 28, 2010

I was going to talk about goal-line technology in the blog today, but since there's probably thousands of other blogs doing that today, we thought better off it. We've talked about it before and we'll come back to it once all the hysteria has died down and a sense of calmness prevails once again.

Anyway, as this picture shows, there no need for it. Mauricio Espinosa got his call spot on.

The humour that has come out of yesterday's England no goal decision has been tremendous, especially north of the border as you can imagine.

The other side of it all has been the English media. Humour isn't really something you'll have found in there today and yesterday. Watching the ITV highlights again last night (well you just HAD to really), I really thought we were going to see presenter Matt Smith end it all right there and then.

It's been as over the top as usual. All the flop and shambles headlines and articles criticising their performance as disgraceful have been trotted out, whilst trying to balance the anger at Fifa's lack of embracing modern day technology to review such matters.

They've been so torn. Do they attack the players or the officials most? They love to attack players when they're down but then Johnny Foreigner also had a part to play. It must have been torture for them.

People have asked me why I "hate England" so much. I don't. I don't hate England the country. I don't hate English people. I have some really good English mates and we've had great banter this world cup around their team's performance and my team not even being there. It's part of football. I hate the English football team. I want them to lose. I have the "Anyone But England" t-shirt to prove it.

A lot of non English people in the UK are turned even more off the team by the English media. It's been rammed down our throats in the build up to the tournament, as it is every year. If it wasn't 1966 this, it was all those adds aired in Scotland with the English flag prominent in them. Gie us a break. Seriously. Please do.

It's been comical listening to them though. Yes, England looked good in qualifying, but even with their "easy" group draw, there was no way they would get past the quarter finals to most neutral observers. It was a horrible squad that Fabio Capello took over there. I said immediately "where will the goals come from" and that was their biggest downfall. Well, that and the inability to string passes together at times.

2006 was England best chance to win the trophy again and they blew it big time. Not only was the tournament in Europe but they had arguably the best squad of their generation at their disposal. This year they weren't in the same league.

Did the English media really expect the team to win it or go very deep? Were they just stirring up national fervour or just plain deluded?

You kind of get a sense that there must have been some that were partly delighted that they had so much doom and gloom to wallow in and another manager to hound out and players to attack like a pack of wild dogs.

Even before the tournament started you had stations like BBC3 airing hour long programmes to announce "the Frankenstein's Monster that is England's Worst Ever Football Team". Yeah that's right, slag off players who at least had the skills to pull on their country's shirt in the first place and carve out careers as professional footballers. It's shocking really.

Perhaps if the media actually took a step back and didn't whip up people's expectations so much, played down England's chances and just treated the tournament for what it is, a chance to shine not a god given right to lift the trophy, well maybe just then the players would actually play that bit better and not feel so much pressure on themselves to perform. Maybe not this time round as the team were truly shit and deserved to be dumped out sooner than they actually were.

Maybe the Scots, Irish and Welsh wouldn't hate the team so much either. Yeah right!!! GIRFUY England!


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