Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I knew it would happen in my lifetime. At times I did doubt it, but now I'm back to being confident again. Yes, Scotland WILL lift the World Cup.

Let the rest of the world have their chance while they can, because come 2034 Scotland is going to win and all thanks to Scotland's national drink, Irn Bru!

Well, thanks to the soft drink and some beautiful fertile Brazilian ladies that is.

Irn Bru have had some brilliant advertising campaigns over the years (just thinking about their Snowman tv commercial has me chortling away). Their new "Welcome To Bruzil" one though is sheer genius and a nice distraction from the non-stop England ads we're being subjected to.

Their plan: Place a series of lonely heart adverts in Brazilian newspapers in an attempt to encourage the nation's men and women to strike up a romance with Scots lads and lassies. Turn that romance into full blow carnal passion, add in no birth control and ta-da, the new generation of Scottish footballing talent - "a Samba McFootball team that will gub the world".

The aim to mix the Caledonian gene pool with the footballing wizardry of the South American champs, giving rise to 11 players capable of winning the 2034 World Cup, is well underway. Barr's Martin Steele visited Rio de Janeiro last week in order to place the lonely heart ads on billboards and in the dating sections of the Brazilian press. One, placed in the O Globo newspaper, reads: "Scots lass seeks Brazilian man with good sense of humour to make Scottish football magic".

Ya beauty, to quote one of their new ads!

Will it work? It'll be fun finding out and trying for those lucky lads. Maybe I should throw my hat into the ring now!

The campaign has already been endorsed by Scotland legend Archie Gemmill (oh that goal!!!). Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more goals like his on the World stage soon!

You can find out more about Irn Bru's campaign on their official website. There's fun videos, you can check your DNA (I have a good engine) and you can even generate your own Bruzilian name.

All we have left to ponder about now is whether we can stage a bid to win the Cup on home soil!


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