Monday, June 7, 2010

As the week counts down to the start of the 2010 World Cup Finals, it's probably fair to say that it hasn't been the best lead up to a tournament with regards to positive news.

Aside from the players injuries, crime in it's various forms is what has stolen the headlines.

We had the hotel theft that affected the visiting Columbian team, followed by the terrible injuries sustained by sixteen fans when a crush happened outside the Nigeria-South Korea warm up game when way more people than capacity turned up for the free match.

The latest blight came today when South African police announced that 10 Argentinian barras bravas "hooligans" were deported, including one guy who was out on bail for murder!

I have to say that I never thought that hooliganism was going to be a factor in these finals. With visiting supporters likely to be less than most recent finals and the fact that it costs so much to get to South Africa in the first place, I, probably naively, thought that we'd have an incident free tournament in that regards and it was more crime from locals that would be hitting the headlines.

The fact that some supposed group leaders have been sent home then it would appear that some organisation may have gone into this.

With South African police not being used to violence and having seen how they deal with "lesser" crimes at times, any outbreak of hooliganism at the tournament isn't going to end well.

Hopefully these bad news stories will soon dry up once the action on the field begins but I do have a sense that they won't and that will only be bad for football and the African continent.


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