Saturday, May 29, 2010

With the World Cup now less than a fortnight away, one subject has reared it's head already that many feared would be a major problem to blight the tournament - crime.

The general consensus of many is that South Africa isn't going to be the safest host country in the tournament's 80 year history. There's more likely to be crimewaves than Mexican waves.

Some companies cashed in on fears pretty early on, through personalised stab vests and other safety precautions for travelling fans.

South African officials and government ministers have obviously played down such fears as scaremongering but there are real concerns there, heightened by news this week that the Columbian team were robbed at their hotel and had around £1800 worth of US dollars and Euros stolen.

Columbia aren't even there for the tournament! They were there for a friendly against the hosts South Africa in Johannesburg, which they lost 2-1 incidentally. Apparently that was the problem!

The team were staying at the same five star hotel that England's opponents Slovenia are due to stay at but police have said that the same levels of security that will be in place during the tournament weren't in place for Columbia's stay. I still wouldn't expect my bags to be rifled through and stuff nicked if I was staying at a top hotel!!

A similar theft hit the Egyptian team at their hotel at last year's Confederation's Cup, but this robbery is the biggest to hit international football since Henry's "Hand of Frog" goal put out the Irish in November.

Hopefully it's not going to be a sign of things to come and all the players, officials and fans making the trip to South Africa get home safe, sound and with all their belongings intact.


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