Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm not a fan of banks. They're not the nicest business. I know that first hand from working in one for 16 years! They do have a job to do though. They ARE businesses. They need to make money, now more so than ever.

With that in mind, I found it hilarious when Rangers supporters trooped along to the AGM of Lloyds Banking Group in Edinburgh last week demanding special treatment for the Huns and their staggering and frightening £31 million debt.

The Gers fans are warning Lloyds that they will encourage their fans to withdraw all their money and shares from the banking group if they don't ease up the pressure on the football club for debt repayment.

The fans claim that this could cost the bank anything up to £2.6 billion in losses. A figure I find very hard to believe knowing the Rangers fans that I do!

One shareholder present, John McPherson, said that Rangers has been "refused support by the bank"/ He then went on to ask Lloyds to "finally agree to give the club some money to operate properly within Europe".

So Rangers fans, I have some questions for you.

Is that not enough debt for you? Have you never thought of living within your means? Perhaps if you can't afford to move in the big boys circles, you shouldn't be there trying to compete when you can't.

Your club is currently in a perilous financial position, but yet you want to see it go further down that road to ruin? I don't care. I hate you fuckers anyway! That said, it wouldn't matter what team we're talking about here. This situation is just plain wrong. The bank don't owe you anything. You on the other hand owe the bank big time and in many different ways.

Surely it's not up to the bank to ensure that the football club are successful and competitive. I thought that was the job of the board and manager at Ibrox.

Now with the Government, and as such the general public, and as such me, owning 41% of Lloyds Banking Group, I object that Rangers or any football club should get special treatment. If I owed anything to Lloyds they'd be banging on my door faster than you knew it. I can see them obliging if I aksed them for more money on my loans (read debts) to go on European excursions.

So many football clubs are in danger of going bust nowadays. It's a sad state of affairs but maybe it needs some of the more high profile ones to actually go bust to finally make the others take notice and to curb their expenditure.

Rangers need to get their house in order themselves. It's not the banks job to sort them out and that goes for every other football club that's in a similar state.

For the good of the game, give yourselves a shake.


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