Thursday, May 6, 2010

I've never much been a fan of Spurs. Not had much of a hatred towards them either mind you. Just indifferent to them usually.

Last night though I was wanting Tottenham Hotspur to win so much against Manchester City. For the good of the game.

The gulf between the top sides in the English Premiership and the rest just keeps growing every season. Man City winning a Champions League place would have been disasterous in that regard.

Now I know Tottenham aren't exactly a poor side either, but at least they have gone about their business in recent years with some dignity. They have more of what I see as honest, hard working pros than a club with overpaid, only came for the money primadonnas like Man City.

As the commentator said in last night's match. If City made it to the Champions League, with the money they already have and now the lure of top European football, they would be able to bring pretty much any player they wanted to the club. Killing the chances and players of so many clubs in the process.

Such power would only see them go from strength to strength and send the wrong message of how to succeed in the game, which I know is a sad reality of modern day football.

Spurs 1-0 win was sweet not only because it was a late sucker blow or because it was on City's home turf, but because it send a message, for this season at least, that it takes more than money to build a team.

The fact that a player like Peter Crouch got the winner was also pleasing. He's an unsung guy with, let's be honest here, questionable talent to be a top flight player at times.

It was pleasing for the fans too and especially those that have been wanting a break from the "big four" annual parade.

I was shocked to see so many City fans leaving the game in the last few minutes. The clock hadn't even reached 88 minutes when the cameras showed loads trooping out. By the end, the lower middle stand was pretty deserted. One City goal would have set up a tense final set of games. One City goal would have still given them hope. Why on earth would you leave such a vital, delicately poised game like that before the final whistle?

Money can't not only not buy a team. It can't obviously buy loyalty either.


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