Sunday, May 23, 2010

With the 2010 World Cup now just 19 days away the raft of pre tournament friendlies begins this week.

I have to say that international friendlies just don't interest me in the slightest at the best of times. Too many substitutions, too much stop and start and basically just a meaningless 90 minutes of less than quality action to endure.

Sure the teams in the World Cup have to warm up, build up some squad unity and tactical nuance and look at formations, fringe players and all that, but really what does Portugal playing Cape Verde Islands and Cameroon playing Georgia really achieve?

I never see why countries are willing to put their already overplayed (so we're told!) top players in games where pre-tournament injuries are very possible.

Meh, it doesn't affect us here in Scotland anyway, so who cares?!

Thankfully Scotland have decided not to be part of the pre-tournament circus. Of course we're only saying all this as we're just gutted at yet another World Cup Finals without the Tartan Army.

Yeah, it hurts. Watching the supporters of these other teams looking forward to the big event we can only watch through the wire fence just makes you feel that you're missing out on so much and, of course, we are.

Even the arrival of my Anyone But England t-shirt hasn't helped.

Missing out on the last three World Cup Finals and European Championships has been hard. That's six non qualifications to major tournaments in a row and that's unacceptable for a football nation like Scotland.

Craig Levein it's up to you now, as I for one don't want to miss out on any more.


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